Volunteer Information System

Only use this form if you are already a Volunteer in Radstock Museum. If you are not yet a Volunteer but wish to join our valued team please click here
The Museum's preferred method of keeping its volunteers informed is by e mail, which is environmentally friendly and highly effective in costs and volunteer hours.

We guarantee that your details will be safeguarded, will not be shared and will only be used by us in connection with disseminating news about the Museum's activities.

On every mailing there is a link which allows you to unsubscribe and have your details removed from the mailing list, or to update your preferences.
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We won't disclose your e mail address to third parties and will only use it in connection with Museum business.
We won't disclose your number to third parties and will never ring you unless there is an urgent need to contact you (for instance if the Museum cannot open on your planned volunteering day)
Your address is only optional and if given will not be disclosed to third parties or used except in connection with Museum business

Radstock Museum will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you with regular e mail news updates or with e mail or telephone messages in case of significant matters at the Museum which may affect your volunteering activities (eg Museum closure for adverse weather). Please let us know all the ways you in which you are content to be contacted by us. If you tick no boxes you will receive no news regarding the Museum.

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